London, England : The Theatre of Europe – June 2013

by Emma Bumpus on July 5, 2013

Dolce desserts and architectural gems with a sparkle of alternative sightseeing sets the scene for a careertraveller “Golden Ticket” performance of pure exquisite culture that makes a day in the Big Smoke breathtakingly spectacular!

A sweet-smelling flirtatious skip along Bond and Oxford Street clinches our literary passage to the palatial Hyatt Regency London -The Churchill Hotel, our central London West End Playground of glittering hospitality and nerve centre of superb inspired desserts!

The lobby of this magnificent 5 star oasis sits well with the children who frolic luxuriously amongst the Burning Bright Saatchi Gallery works of international art to the life-size bronze statue of Sir Winston Churchill by renowned sculptor Lawrence Holofcener in the opulent Churchill Bar & Terrace.

Observing the well-situated theatre desk we enter a VIP – like concourse of a runway that escorts us to the most elegant Montagu Restaurant, which echoes the very words of Mr Wonka “And so beautiful! I insist upon my rooms being beautiful! Most befitting of our Charlie And The Chocolate Factory inspired desserts, we take front row seats at the Chef’s Table where we discover the soul of first class cuisine, artistry and imagination.

Star struck, we witness, Roald Dahl “mystic and marvellous surprises that delight, intrigue, astonish beyond measure” that create the most heavenly Chocolate Room aura “of the finest quality”, Felchlin of course!

Five precious tasting plate treasures take sugar coated centre stage, which encapsulating us in a Chocolate Room full of wondrously inventive Charlie themed treats, opens the Willy Wonka gates to a dazzling open kitchen – like theatre! Corinne, our stellar pastry chef, delivers a bespoke one to one culinary interpretation of Charlie to perfection with a hot and cold textural performance of fondant, fruit, vanilla sticks and spice! Ingenious!

Whilst the children rejoice at the thought of eating their very own homemade “Golden Ticket”, Willy Wonka’s Crazy Brownie, coated in decadent edible gold leaf and accompanied with strawberry puree and Chantilly cream, the adults are intoxicated by Augustus’s Spicy Chocolate Chilli Soup! Red chilli infused chocolate, rich with a splash of cinnamon and star anise, presents cocoa enriched images of Willy Wonka’s chocolate garden with waterfall and marshmallow buttercups! Astonishingly delectable!

Violet’s Blueberry Mousse, careertraveller favourite, deserves an encore with an astounding white chocolate cup filled with delicate celestial mousse brimming with seasonal blueberries and sugar coated Violet. Extraordinary!

We revisit Willa Wonka’s “Television Chocolate” with the show stopping Mike Teavees’s Chocolate Cake, whose silky moist yet rich chocolate ganache, freeze-dried raspberries and edible antennae echo Charlie’s very words “I think it’s the most wonderful place in the world!”

Veruca’s Nutty Parfait is a fantastical trip to the famous Nut Room where we unravel a smooth and slinky nut shaped praline ice cream ornamented with pistachio and hazelnuts, evoking images of Roald Dahl’s squirrels, which in the words of Veruca Salt justifies “I want one”.

After an inspiring and educational feast at The Montagu we set sail for our next show that starts at Trafalgar Square with the London Time Tour Bus, an impressionable glossy black double decker bus with no conductor but time traveller tour guide “Professor Quantum”, whose zany disposition provides us with an instant shot of electrifying front stage excitement.

Clearly no ordinary tour, we are interactively transported back in time around the sights and streets of London, including Poultry Lane EC2, which we discover is named after market produce sold in medieval times.

We observe a mix of modern and traditional sights including The Shard and Tower Bridge and come up close and personal to Pudding Lane and The Great Fire of London in 1666, where our professor delivers a blazingly brilliant performance of historical facts and information.

From Westminster to Southwark we zip around the 9th largest city of the world, where apparently more languages are spoken than any other city in the world (270)! From Borough Market and the UK’s largest Imax cinema in Waterloo to the Tower of London (whose royal menagerie became London Zoo in 1834), we skirt the banks of the river Thames that displays an architectural array of alternative sightseeing. Awesome!

With props of time travel goggles, Lab coat, LCD television and Metal Face, our illusory robotic driver, the professor escorts us rather quirkily back to to 1594 where we meet William Shakespeare and Susan, Samuel Pepys maid in the 17th century! Spectacular and clearly a theatre amongst theatres!

Such entertainment and education accolades London the “amphitheatre “of Europe, no day will ever be the same!

A glittery thanks to Hyatt Regency London -The Churchill Hotel whose delectable Charlie And The Chocolate Factory inspired desserts can be booked on their website and London Time Tour Bus whose ultimate alternative sight seeing tour of London can be found on their website.

For further details of visiting London click on the the official Visit London website.

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