Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel, London, January 2012

by Emma Bumpus on January 20, 2012

An oasis in the heart of London stands the Chesterfield Mayfair hotel, discrete, welcoming and grandiose. Enter the decadent lobby and taste the journey of a deliciously unique hotel experience, most perfect for careertraveller et al in tow!

A walk through the glamorous terrace bar creates an aperitif of an atmosphere, providing a menu of mystery, culture and excitement for the “little uns”, who gush at the sight of the charmingly elegant eden-like conservatory tearoom. Courteously seated we inhale the essence of a sophisticated tea party adventure within a most relaxing ambience full of pure sweet temptation.

Champagne a la Tattinger Tea creates no menu indecisiveness and a well-designed Prince and Princess Tea for the children brings a dolce vita sensation to the table, most distinctively special and endearing.

Silky Chocolate milkshakes captivate the moment and make way for a literary festival of the senses. Tiers of precious little peanut butter and jam sandwiches with accompanying strawberry sweetheart cupcakes reinvent scenes from an Enid Blyton picnic!

The story continues as The Chesterfield Afternoon Champagne Tea ignites le table, revealing a garland assortment of delectable pastries, cupcakes and home-made scones of the finest kind. Careertraveller favourite; the petite strawberry cheesecake with biscuit base to melt in the mouth, divine! Gluttony, rapture and sugar-coated curiosity create a culinary feast which arouse the taste buds and prepare us for the flowery Osmanthus spectacle.

A sweet and soothing green tea, hand tied around sweet-tasting osmanthus blossoms and orange lily petals brings new meaning to afternoon tea, delivered in the most perfect teapot. A poignant cue for poet in residence, Elizabeth Darcy Jones: enter Britain’s Tea Poet.

Charming and discreet she recites melodious poetry, which brings joy, entertainment and culture to the table. The children are smitten as she playfully amuses and inspires with a modern take on rhyme from a bygone time!

Our afternoon becomes evening as we explore the hotel’s luxurious library, a mix of chesterfield and period artefacts where the children are keen to stay! The grand lobby and it’s magnificent decor is a careertraveller hit and oozes charm from the 18th century regency period. Attentive family friendly staff give us the perfect excuse to stay a little longer and sample the stylishly refined Terrace Bar, which with pianist and chic lighting, delivers an incredibly relaxed, sociable and welcoming atmosphere that swarms with guests and diners as the night unravels.

One Rioja, Sauvignon Blanc and two hot chocolates later, (nothing is too much for The Chesterfield) we end our adventure of a fantastic unique hotel experience that will remain truly memorable. I applaud and thank The Chesterfield Mayfair hotel for their warmth, hospitality and entertainment. Fabulous afternoon in London!

Afternoon Tea at Butlers, The Chesterfield, Mayfair

I wish I was in Mayfair where the Gods materialise
tiers of cake that cry in sweet
planting taste-buds in my eyes

I wish I was a dancer, tracing with my feet
the lines of Butlers’ menu
where tea and cake and champagne meet!

I wish I had a lover so our secret rendezvous
could be in The Conservatory
I’d order Chocolate Lover’s Tea and Starlight Rose for you

I wish that I could gather all my friends and family
and invite every passer-by
to take a table here with me!

I wish I was a businessman with a deal to ratify
I’d serve it up on a Butlers’ plate
each contract clause a tempting bite – bound to satisfy

I wish I had a reason to ‘tea and tête-à-tête’
could the fact it’s afternoon
be cause enough to celebrate?

I wish I was a bride-to-be or on my honeymoon
admitting my love’s Butler’s food
and humming in my head a tune
that sings of tea, champagne and cake and ends with gratitude.

© Elizabeth Darcy Jones
August 2011

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